Dear Reader,

An alternative currency – already in circulation across America – could soon explode in value.

As you’re about to discover, it could hand you as much as $56,700 over the next 9-12 months.

Some people are already calling it the “next Bitcoin.” And that’s saying a lot.

As you may know, Bitcoin is the digital “cryptocurrency” that has disrupted economies worldwide. It has also made some investors a fortune along the way.

Over the course of just three years, Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed more than 1,632,316%.

You could have bought $10,000 worth of Bitcoin… and exchanged it for $163.2 million (in U.S. dollars) just 36 months later!

The value of Bitcoins in circulation has now topped $1.5 billion.

No wonder major companies like Dell, Amazon, and Target, all accept Bitcoin as payment.

But here’s what most folks don’t realize.

Another currency is poised to upset Bitcoin as the world’s No.1 cryptocurrency.

In fact, it’s fast rivalling the dollar for many transactions online.

Already, dozens of Wall Street banks including Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Bank of New York Mellon, and Bank of America are amassing positions alongside this currency in their “in house” accounts.

Forbes calls it "profit enhancing."

Business Insider says it has the potential of "taking over our wallets." says "You can beef up your individual retirement account with it."

According to our research, this currency is about to boom – worldwide.

One simple investment now could set you up for years. (And I can show you how to get started for less than $20 bucks!)

That’s why I’ve rushed to put this presentation together.

In a moment, you’ll discover exactly how to play this explosive situation.  But you’ll have to act quickly.

Just like with Bitcoin, the early-in investors will make the most money.

Doing so could change your retirement plans for the better.

So what is this currency, exactly?

Wall Street’s Latest Cash Cow?

Before I reveal this opportunity in detail, please allow me to formerly introduce myself.

My name is Robert Williams.

I’m the editor of True Alpha… by Wall Street Daily.

True Alpha is an unusual research service focused on one type of opportunity.

In the hedge fund world, they call them “special situations.”

Think of George Soros and Jim Rogers pocketing $1 billion in ONE DAY by shorting the British Pound…

Or James Levin of Och-Ziff, who made $2 billion betting on a rally in structured debt products in 2012… A feat that earned him about $116 million last year in compensation…

Or John Paulsen, who executed what some believe is the greatest trade ever. He pulled down almost $4 billion in 2007, betting against the teetering mortgage market!  

This unusual service identifies similar “special situations” opportunities – across all sectors and markets.

Then we publish our findings and recommendations in Special Reports – just for True Alpha readers.

And my report details an unusual type of electronic money – unlike any other currency on the planet.

Let me tell you a bit more about what we’ve uncovered, and how it could make you a lot of money over the next 9-12 months…

Like Bitcoin… Only Better

Unlike Bitcoin – and even the U.S. dollar – this currency is backed by real, tangible assets.

That makes it perhaps the only currency on Earth with intrinsic value.

Some folks even prefer it over spending regular dollars.

At any time, you can use it to buy a brand new Samsung HD TV, an iPhone 6, or even a fresh cup of coffee. And even if the U.S. dollar crashes, this currency’s buying power could skyrocket! (No, it’s not backed by gold.)

For reasons you’re about to see, this currency is PERFECT for buying high-end merchandise: Tropical vacations in the Caribbean… Golf equipment… First-class travel around the world… Stays at top-end hotels… The list goes on.

No wonder America’s elite are using it too, including Jerry Seinfeld, Robert DeNiro, and Britney Spears. It’s rumored that Denzel Washington used this currency to pay for a $30 million private jet.

Even President Obama flashed it to the world while purchasing his lunch.


So what am I talking about exactly?

This currency goes by many different names depending on who issues it.

Typically, America’s largest banks and corporations handle the issuing.

Some examples…

Visa calls its form of this currency “Traditional Rewards.”

Bank of America issues its own “WorldPoints.”

JPMorgan Chase issues “Ultimate Rewards.”

Sun Trust issues “SunPoints.”

The list of issuers goes on and on… and it’s growing by the day.

And if you haven’t guessed the currency by now…

I’m talking about the exploding marketplace for “points.”

In particular, I’m talking about the rewards-points often issued by major credit card companies and corporations such as Amazon.

Perhaps you’re familiar with this currency already.

You buy stuff with your “rewards-points” credit card. You get rewards points in return.

You can then spend those “points” – truly a type of currency – on just about anything. TVs… Trips… Computers… Cars… Clothes… Christmas gifts… You name it.

But there’s one big problem for folks looking to accumulate this currency.

In order to collect rewards points, you have to buy a TON of stuff. To get $50 worth of rewards points from Best Buy, you’d have to accumulate 2,500 rewards points. But to get those 2,500 rewards points, you’d have to spend $2,500!

However, I’ve discovered an amazing “loophole” in America’s rewards-points system.

By spending between $15 and $30… you can profit from MILLIONS of dollars’ worth of rewards points!

Most folks will never discover this secret. Those who do – and act quickly – could get very rich.

Here’s how…

Starting with Just $15… Tap into MILLIONS of Dollars Worth of Reward Points

It allows you to (legally) bypass traditional rewards programs – without stepping foot in a store.

Imagine being handed 11.34 million “Hilton Honors” rewards points without ever reserving a hotel room...

Or collecting 3.4 million “Southwest Rapid Rewards” points without ever boarding a plane...  

Or scoring 141,750 “My Best Buy Rewards” points, yet never buying a single electronic device.  

Well, now... imagine realizing the cash equivalents of those points inside your trading account.

Today, I’ll show you how ordinary people, banks and brokerages are legally making fortunes on what is suddenly the hottest cryptocurrency on Wall Street...

That is, the rewards points of Hilton, Southwest, Target, Best Buy.... and 100 other loyalty programs.

It doesn’t require applying for a credit card...

It doesn’t require the purchase of any merchandise...

It doesn’t require joining a club or having a membership...

Heck, it doesn’t even require filling out a form.

All you need is a little insight, and I’ll show you the rest.

Every detail can be found inside my latest report:

How to (Legally) “Mine” America’s Top Rewards Programs for Cash.

This report outlines an opportunity to “cash-in” on all of these reward programs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, depending on your situation, this currency play – which you can execute through your regular discount brokerage – could unlock up to $10,000... $50,000... and in some exceptional cases, up to $1 million in profits.

It takes advantage of all of the most popular rewards programs available today, too, including...

Amazon Rewards Points... Without an Internet Connection

For those who shop online at Amazon, you’ve seen the tease...

“Open an Amazon Rewards Visa card now and get $70 back!”  

The rewards, of course, are contingent upon applying for a credit card, and then actively using it – over and over – to rack up points.

I happen to love these types of rewards programs, actually.

I mean, who among us doesn’t like getting free stuff, right?

The problem is it takes way too much effort.

Filling out forms is an emotionally painful experience for most people (myself included).

I also don’t like having too many “active” credit cards.

But do you see what just happened? My disdain for forms and credit cards disqualifies me from ever earning any points!

So when one of my closest and trusted industry contacts – a technology genius – briefed me on a company with a direct stake in all of these very programs, I did a deeper dive.

He told me that shareholders of this company – ordinary people, that is – are enjoying an opportunity to gain a controlling interest  in upwards of 5.67 million Amazon Rewards points... without buying a single piece of merchandise.  

“It instantly moves you straight to the front of the line,” he said.

“Kind of like a “Cheat Code?” I replied.

“Well, cheating,” he said, “implies wrongdoing... This is a 100% legal way to leverage the rewards points systems of tons of top retailers.”

Using the “traditional” method, one would have to spend $189 million on Amazon to amass a million bonus points, which end up being worth about $10,000.  

My special report, however, shows you how skip all of that, and potentially share in the upside of even more.

The report reveals the company actively “mining” America’s top rewards points systems...

It teaches you how to gain a controlling interest in 11,340,000 Hilton Honors Points... 3,395,210 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points... 141,750 My Best Buy Rewards Points, etc...

It even includes the conditions in which you could realize the cash equivalents of the points inside your trading account.

I peg the value of your first opportunity at upwards of $56,700.

Target REDCard Rewards... Without Stepping Foot in the Store

One of the hottest programs available for rewards chasers these days is the Target REDCard, which speaks to the vast popularity of the store.

Having a Target within a few miles of the neighborhood is a godsend for both moms and dads alike.

The REDCard offers 5% rewards for loyal Target shoppers.

Again, while I love the concept... I loathe the fact that it takes years to amass enough points to “buy” something worthwhile.

I’m sorry, but it shouldn’t take 10 years to accumulate enough points to buy an iPhone case.

Wouldn’t you agree that the system is flawed?

Consumers the world over want more points in less time!

Without the Cheat Code, you’d have to spend $500,000 to amass just $25,000 in Target rewards.  

Also, if you’ve ever read the fine print, certain big-ticket items are excluded from the rewards system... so good luck trying to accumulate a meaningful amount of points.

Armed with the Cheat Code, though, you could put the functional equivalent of those $25,000 Target rewards straight into your pocket.

Starbucks Rewards Points...  Without a Coffee Fix

Another very popular rewards program is underpinned by the worldwide obsession for coffee.

Starbucks, of course, is the chief beneficiary of the craze. As a result, its “My Starbucks Rewards” program is a “must have” for millions of caffeine addicts.

With Starbucks’ program, you earn one “Star” every time that you make a purchase.

After 12 stars, you receive a coupon for a free drink or snack at any Starbucks location. That is, provided you’re at the “Gold Level.”  

Sounds great, right?

Hmmmm. Let’s run some quick math...

Per the terms of the program, if you hit Starbucks once a day for an entire year, you’d earn 30 free cups of coffee.

Now, given that it only costs Starbucks an average of $0.17 per cup at wholesale prices, your 30 free cups only amounts to $6.20 in additional expenses for the company.  

It’s totally worth it for them... not so much for you!

Isn’t it time to take a different approach?

Thanks to a certain company’s recent innovation... a four-digit Cheat Code could put as many as 29,076 cups of Starbucks coffee working in your favor.   Or just skip the morning latte altogether, and still gain a controlling interest in tons and tons of points.

Just don’t try to cheat the taxman...

These points have intrinsic values just like gold or silver.

So when you ultimately decide to bank  the upside – whether it’s for $5,000 or $5,000,000– you’ll have to pay capital gains tax to the IRS.

As you’ll learn in my latest special report, instead of filling out forms, reading the fine print, and making sure to keep buying and buying merchandise... you’ll have the opportunity to gain a controlling interest in a virtual endless sea of points.

Five Hidden Costs of Traditional Rewards Programs...

Think about rewards points like stock options... the ones that big-shot CEOs are oftentimes compensated with. (I don’t mean to imply you’ll ever have to buy an option of any sort... because you won’t.)

Stock options allow you to control a ton of a company’s shares without ever actually being a shareholder of record.

Likewise, the Cheat Code allows you to grab a stake in tons of rewards points without ever buying any merchandise.

Before I get into the teeth of this opportunity, allow me to share a few other annoyances that the Cheat Code will help you avoid...

Hidden Cost #1: Social Reward Requirements

Retailers will oftentimes multiply your rewards points if you share their link on Facebook or Twitter. I can think of a million better things to do with those five minutes each day, can’t you?

Hidden Cost #2: Piles and Piles of Plastic

The last thing anybody needs is another plastic card hogging precious wallet space. Not to mention that the credit rating agencies typically frown upon opening lots of accounts.

Hidden Cost #3: Reward Fees

Boy, I really hate this one... some retailers will charge a $99-a-year fee to access the bonus points. You could be forced to embark on a $10,000 spending spree just to earn the fee back!

Hidden Cost #4: Privacy Concerns

Don’t be naive... there’s a reason those stores want you in their rewards programs. It’s so they can collect information about your shopping habits. My Cheat Code will keep their eyes and ears way from that personal information.

Hidden Cost #5: Pathetic Exchange Rate

Many points systems carry a cash value, which I applaud. However, the conversion rate can be as low as one penny per point. Seriously? I’d rather be holding Somali shillings or Iranian rials – the two cheapest currencies in the world – than earn a single penny for every point.

My special report holds every juicy detail concerning the Cheat Code.

Inside the pages, you’ll learn how to gain a controlling interest in thousands upon thousands of rewards points... watch them explode in value... and then realize their cash equivalents in your trading account or IRA.

It’s a strategy that Wall Street is already effectively using inside its own house accounts.

Rewards Points, the Hottest Cryptocurrency on Wall Street...

Now look, I understand that this Cheat Code is unlike anything you’ve ever read about before.

(You likely felt the exact same way about Bitcoin, right?)

I mean, sharing in the upside of hundreds, thousands... even millions of rewards points from some of America’s top retailers without filling out a form... opening a credit card... or even shopping for merchandise... and then realizing their cash value in your trading account (or IRA) is almost nonsensical, right?

But, fact is, some of the biggest players on Wall Street have quietly begun leveraging these rewards points systems, and they’re minting fortunes as a result.

Deutsche Bank was among the first to hit paydirt. The value of its “points” portfolio now stands at $2.1 million.

And now, with Deutsche Bank’s success, the rest of the powerbase on Wall Street is starting to pile in, too...

In fact, 42 institutions are positioned alongside this rewards points boom, representing a net value of over $166 million.

Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Bank of New York Mellon, and Bank of America are among the early players.

Why the sudden explosion?

Well, Wall Street has awakened to the reality that rewards points hold intrinsic value... just like gold, silver, platinum, palladium or diamonds.

And they’re betting BIG that the value of their “points portfolios” will profoundly increase in the coming weeks and months.

As I see it, sharing in the virtual endless upside of rewards points – without stepping foot inside a store – is an ingenious concept for three reasons...

  1. Rewards points most closely resemble currencies in that they aren’t correlated to any other asset class... yet can dramatically explode in value under certain conditions. Thus, leveraging them gives any portfolio an extra element of diversification.
  2. The value of rewards points is very similar to the pre-bitcoin boom of two years ago. That is, their value hasn’t run up like virtually every other precious metal, agricultural commodity or base metal.
  3. The market is finally liquid enough for everyday investors to participate. So cashing in on the opportunity is as easy as buying and selling a stock. Please understand that you’ll need an active trading account or at least have the willingness to set one up.

Time is of the Essence...

As I said before, my name is Robert Williams. I’m the Founder and power behind Wall Street Daily.

Most of you know my work by now. But for those who still don’t, here’s a brief background...

I’m Master’s educated and classically trained in finance.

I served as an analyst for a prestigious institution whose endowment, valued at $2.9 billion, is among the largest in the world. I’ve also enjoyed tenure as the Senior Analyst to a Forbes Top 50 private corporation with $9.5 billion in revenue.

I’ve even moved millions of dollars around the capital markets, too, and hatched countless millions more into the economy.

In fact, since launching Wall Street Daily, it’s estimated that I’ve helped unlock $26 million in new investor wealth. My special report could dramatically add to that total, and is available for immediate download.

But for a limited time, while supplies lasts, I’d also like to mail you a FREE hardcopy of my favorite book.

It’s called How I Cracked the Alpha Code by bestselling author and famed investor, Jim Rogers… and it’s a “must read” for any investor worth his salt.

If you haven’t heard of Jim, he’s the Co-Founder of the most successful hedge fund in history, The Quantum Fund.

The Fund is famous for “breaking” the Bank of England, and forcing it to devalue the pound.

The coup netted Jim and his partner, George Soros, a tidy $1 billion profit.

And get this…

Over one 10-year period, the Fund gained 4,200% while the S&P only advanced about 47%!

At the peak of the housing boom, Jim had most of his money out of equities with the following exceptions… he was short Citibank, all of the investment banks, the homebuilders, and Fannie Mae.

Brilliant, right?

Jim was born just a few blocks away from Wall Street Daily’s headquarters, and I get smarter every time I speak to him.

How I Cracked the Alpha Code is loaded to the gills with secrets… ones that every investor must know.

Perhaps if I reveal a few of my favorite threads in the book you’ll appreciate why I regard it as “mandatory reading” for any investor…

Chapter Four underscores the importance that short sellers play in global finance. "Short sellers are good for the market," says Jim. If you’ve ever wanted to “go short” but were too afraid, Jim identifies the common pitfalls, yet also reveals an ingenious way to profit from the market’s downside while also wonderfully limiting your risk.

Chapter Six discusses gold, and how it shot 600% higher when President Nixon closed the gold window… only to lose 50% of its value in the months that followed. It didn’t last, though. In fact, the temporary retreat of gold prices proved to be an epic buying opportunity. So with today’s gold prices down to $1,200/ounce (40% off the high), is this another historic buying opportunity?

Chapter Eight describes the perils facing the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, the United States. Chief among the problems is America’s savings rate of only 4%. Jim reveals six nations with savings rates above 30%, one of which is above 40%. Any rock-solid portfolio should have some strategic exposure to these countries.

Chapter 13, which is my personal favorite, reveals a once powerful currency secretly in trouble. As Jim says, “Any monopoly eventually destroys itself, and [this currency], in predictable fashion, is corroding from within.” You’ll likely be shocked at the currency in which Jim is speaking. I recommend opening positions alongside Jim’s prediction, ASAP.

Chapter 14 warns that nobody — not even the Pope — can cheat the laws of supply and demand. On such merits, Jim confidently assures us that commodity prices are headed higher… that is, thanks to the reality of worldwide supply shortages. But Jim is especially bullish on one particular commodity. Why he so convinced that this commodity will blast higher? “Because that’s the way the world has worked for thousands of years,” says Jim.

Like I said, I’m ready to mail you a FREE hardcopy of the book, along with FREE access to my special report.

Plus, I’ll also send you my four-part interview with Jim.

You won’t find investment insights directly from Jim anywhere else on the planet. I can vouch for that.

Fact is, not many people enjoy the luxury of speaking to someone of Jim’s ilk on the record. But I do.

You’ll get everything – the special report, the book and the four-series interview – when you sign-up for Wall Street Daily’s brand-new introductory publication, True Alpha.

A Carefully Worded Disclaimer...

How many of you have been pursuing the seemingly elusive goal of financial freedom? Like a dog chasing his own tail, it’s just out of the reach of most everyone.

How many books, workshops, brokers, and advisors have you sought?

How much money and time have you spent... and you’re still not financially independent?

Clearly, up until now, something has been amiss.

Well, you’re about to learn what that “something” is, and what you can do about it.

My brand-new introductory publication – called True Alpha – will break your habit of following outdated insular ideas about wealth, and wake you up to a new paradigm.

My latest report concerning the Cheat Code is a perfect example. That is, because it’s wonderfully nontraditional in every way imaginable.

So are you ready for your A-HA moment? Good!

As a financial intuitive with more than a decade of experience, I’ve witnessed people’s lives make radical shifts.

Years of frustration can sometimes vanish in less than a day!

Seeing is believing, right?

Below are a few of the fantastic letters I received from readers last week...

Now, the disclaimer...

True Alpha is an accumulation of Wall Street wisdom that I receive from nontraditional sources.

I never sought to openly publish this information.

Until now, my Special Reports have been internal mechanisms... memos, if you will.

They’re not intended to “cure” the ills of your portfolio... they’re merely to introduce you to the nontraditional ways that pros are making money.

So simply use whatever resonates with you.

For the last few years, my reports have been exclusively hitting the desks of analysts... that is, so they can stay abreast to the subtle anomalies happening in the financial markets.

Such anomalies oftentimes lead to extraordinary wealth.

Like, for example, when the mega merger between Pfizer and AstraZeneca went bust.

A $1.13 Billion Payout in a Single Day...

When news officially hit that the Pfizer/AstraZeneca deal was off the table, I rushed a new report to readers.

Here, I’ll paste the announcement below...

Well, my "failed merger" strategy worked like a charm.

Soon thereafter, I learned that AstraZeneca shareholders would split a pot of money worth $1,134,000,000.

For the record, I nailed the amount to the exact dollar!

Nontraditional? Yes.

Effective? Most definitely.

As a True Alpha reader, you’ll receive no fewer than 10 of these Special Reports over the course of the year... the first of which concerns the Cheat Code.

True Alpha Costs Just $9.95 a Quarter...

Yes, you read that correctly.

True Alpha costs just $9.95, which is barely enough to mail the hardcopy of Jim Rogers’ latest book to your doorstep.

If I were cast away on a desert island and could only have one book with me... it’d be How I Cracked the Alpha Code.

In regards to my Special Reports... think of them as my top 10 hyper-specific nontraditional investment opportunities of the year.

You’ll receive no fewer than 10 reports over the next 12 months.

From the feedback I’m receiving from readers, the research has already become widely accepted as an authoritative work on the unconventional ways that pros make money on Wall Street.

As I always tell my analysts... no person, no place and no thing has any power over us... and that includes the financial markets.

Simply follow the recommendations as I suggest in each report, and you will have begun to change your fortunes.

The Clock is Ticking...

As you know, the Wall Street machine is an “all or nothing” enterprise.

Once the machine heats up, you have to feed the beast to keep it happy.

Right now, the beast wants more rewards points.

Likely feeling the pressure, the CEO of the company of the world’s first “rewards points” farm released a statement a few weeks ago saying...

“We continue to execute against our new partner pipeline. In June, we officially launched the Hilton Honors Program as planned. We’re pleased to have one of the world's largest and most successful hospitality loyalty programs participating on our platform.”  

I expect the company to be actively mining the rewards points of 10 additional top retailers in the next six months.

Remember, you won’t need to buy a single piece of merchandise from any of them.

As long as the general public continues to support top retailers like Hilton, Starbucks, Target and Best Buy, the system will continue to work.

By virtue of that, the Cheat Code represents an instant opportunity to gain a controlling interest in upwards of 11,340,000 Hilton Honors Points... 3,395,210 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and 141,750 My Best Buy Rewards Points.

Your first opportunity is valued at $56,700.

Do with the proceeds whatever you please...

First-class seats whenever you want them.

Room upgrades.

Or just pocket the cash.

Nontraditional? Yes.

Effective? Most definitely.

Don’t be a Victim a Second Longer...

The present balance in your trading account is the direct consequence of your beliefs about money.

These beliefs were created by you yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, depending on how old your are.

However, that’s in your past.

It’s over and done with.

What’s infinitely important to your financial cause now is this...

A certain company’s ingenious new technology lets it (legally) “mine” America’s top rewards programs for cash.

The cheat code in my special report unlocks this opportunity worth roughly $56,700.

You don’t have to become a member of a shopper’s club.

Nor will you be required to buy any merchandise, either.

And there definitely aren’t any new credit card accounts to open.

With the Cheat Code, you can bypass all of those annoyances and start leveraging the power of rewards points right away.

Tracking is automatically done for you, which means there’s nothing to “keep straight.”

My special report shows you how to...

✓ Gain a controlling interest in 11,340,000 Hilton Honors Points... 3,395,210 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and 141,750 My Best Buy Rewards Points, etc.

✓ It includes the conditions in which you could realize the cash equivalents of those points inside your trading account.

✓ You’ll get 10 additional True Alpha reports over the next 12 months.

✓ You’ll get Jim Rogers’ latest book, How I Cracked the Alpha Code, as a personal gift from me. Along with the secret interviews I’m releasing to the public for the first time ever.

Please click here or call us toll-free at 866.444.1556 or 443.353.4337 and mention Priority Code: ETAOS169.

Your order will be processed immediately, and, minutes from now, you'll have access to my report with instructions and explanations on all of this.

Simply click here to go to our secure order form now.

I look forward to having you aboard.

Onward and Upward,

Robert Williams
Founder, Wall Street Daily
October 2014